Pre-College Success Online Seminar Series

The Pre-College Student Success Online Seminar Series Spring 2013

(a.k.a. How to create winning college applications)

Register today to get top notch professional college planning guidance for a fraction of the usual cost.  Level the playing field so you can compete powerfully during admissions season.  These five webinars are designed by America’s Leading Authority on College Planning, Katherine O’Brien, MA CCPS to make the most effective, proven, and powerful tips and techniques available to you.  With a decade’s experience guiding students into the accepted student lists of our nation’s top schools in every field, Katherine is a sure guide for you!

Katherine O'Brien, MA CCPS


America’s Leading Authority on College Planning and author of The Ultimate Guide to Top Quality College Planning, Katherine O’Brien, MA CCPS, will personally conduct all of these incredible webinars:


1) How to Create an Eye-Popping Achievements Resume (Winning Application Prep, Step 1)

2)Finalizing your list: An Expert Guide to Selecting your Target Colleges (Winning Application Prep, Step 2)

3) How to Write: Application Essay Do’s and Don’ts with a special segment going over each of the Common App and UC essay prompts (Winning Application Prep, Step 3)

Strategically Applying: advice on using EA, ED, RD, and Rolling Admissions programs for you!

The application series will be:

July 22, and July 29, August 5 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1 pm Eastern (8/5 essay session will run 90 minutes)

Strategy seminar will be July 25th from 4-5pm Pacific/7-8pm Eastern


TrevorHyatt testimonial 5.12.13

Katherine is incredibly dedicated to the success of her clients…  She has demonstrated a commitment to staying on top of the nuances of her field in ways that most of her comptetitors don’t seem to do, and as a result offers a much broader range of services, all backed by solid knowledge, than I’ve seen elsewhere in the market.” – Valerie Gieseke


Top applicants create a resume to showcase their many non-academic achievements.

 This one hour webinar will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your full resume and your formal resume.  Your full resume will be the source of vignettes and stories used in your application essays while the formal essay is the polished presentation of your achievements suitable for inclusion with your college applications.

 Each registered attendee will receive a pdf copy of our Personal Achievements Resume Guide developed and used by our private Premier Program clients.  The Guide alone sells for $50 in our online College Prep Supply Store.  We are pleased to offer this incredible webinar AND the guide for $100.

This powerful, hands-on LIVE webinar will be June 24th from 4-5pm Pacific and repeated July 15th from 9-10am Pacific time. (You only need to attend one session.)  Every registered attendee can have their resume personally reviewed by Ms. O’Brien.

registernow-02  for the July 22nd 9am Pacific Time Webinar

Katherine is extremely knowledgeable regarding the politics of getting into college and getting the most ‘bang for your buck.’ I am so relieved to have her working with my daughters! She is managing everything for us – financial aid, deadlines, test preparation.  She knows how the system works and now we don’t have to stress.  I am so grateful to have found her!” -Sue Loach, mother of twins



KOB James Malinchak April 2011

If you’re ready to launch your teen successfully for the lowest costs, then … absorb every word [from] Katherine O’Brien.  She tells it like it is and equips you for success!”

-James Malinchak

Featured on AMC’s hit TV show, “Secret Millionaire”

Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the College Soul



During this one hour webinar, America’s Leading Authority on College Planning will lead you through the process of determining which ten of the 3,000 American colleges and  universities will take their places on your list of target schools.

Top applicants carefully create their college list!  In this webinar, you’ll learn the three categories of schools which MUST make their way onto your list in order for you to have a successful college application season (and college experience!!!)(and SCHOLARSHIP MONEY!)  You will determine the most important factors to consider when ascertaining whether a given school will be included on your list.  Finally, you’ll learn how to use our college selection tool, a sure way to decide between schools when you simply cannot decide.

There is NO REASON TO APPLY TO 20 SCHOOLS in hopes of securing a seat in the freshman class at one of them!  Why spend $800 in application fees and overrun your entire Fall term of senior year with applications and stress?  After all, there is more to senior year than endlessly writing college applications!

Each registered family will receive a copy of our College Selection Guide and Tool, sold for $45 in our online College Prep Supply Store.  We are very pleased to be able to offer you both the Guide, Tool, and Webinar for $100.

Register TODAY to ensure your place in this critical webinar!  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT webinar in terms of your COST for college!


July 29th 9-10am Pacific registernow-02


Katherine’s enthusiasm for helping young people navigate their college plan is unparalleled.  Because she cares deeply about each student, she is able to accomplish more than just a college plan.  She helps them find scholarships and matches their particular strengths with a program that will make their talents shine.  I have used Katherine’s services for my daughter.  Each time I presented a challenge, Katherine found a solution.  I can’t say enough about her and the service she offers.  I highly recommend her for all your college needs. ”  -Dr. Nikki Goldman, Ph. D.

How to Apply: Strategic Advice on using EA, ED, RD, and Rolling Admissions Programs to your Benefit


Do you know how to use these opportunities to double or triple your chances of acceptance?  No? RUN, don’t walk to this webinar!  Now that you have selected your schools, it’s time to create your application strategy.  During this one hour webinar, America’s Leading Authority on College Planning, Katherine O’Brien, MA CCPS, will personally lead you through the ins and outs of the various application possibilities: Early Action (EA), Early Decision (ED), Regular Decision (RD), and Rolling.

By the time you complete this webinar, you’ll be ready to start on your application essays, knowing how to maximize your chances of acceptance, and at scholarships!

Each registrant will receive a copy of Celtic College Consultants’ proven application tracker, which you are allowed to reproduce for each school on your list.

This strategy session webinar will be offered twice – register today to get your first choice time!  Only $100!

registernow-02 for the July 25th 4-5pm Strategy Session


Wow! I was just accepted to NYU’s Film and Television program at the Tisch School of the arts!!!!  And yesterday I was accepted as a spring 2014 admit to UC Berkely!!! I am over the moon about this! I never imagined the Berkeley acceptance… I wanted to tell you this and say a very heartfelt THANK YOU for all your help and support.  It was an incredible amount of work we did and am so luch to have had your guidance…From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much!!!!” – BV, Class of 2013

3) How to Write your Essays and Get Accepted!

Top applicants know how to write their essays so they can distinguish themselves from all the other applicants with similar grades and test scores.  Do you?  If not – REGISTER NOW!

During this 90 minute webinar, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of this very special type of essay from a master teacher whose students have won thousands in scholarships and been accepted at elite schools in every field, from the arts to engineering, liberal arts to Ivies..  Application essays are different from every English class essay and absolutely distinct from the SAT and ACT essays; it has rules of its own.

This very special webinar is an incredible deal at $200 and will be offered:

August 5th, 9-10:30am Pacific Time registernow-02


About Katherine O’Brien, MA CCPS

Katherine O'Brien, MA CCPS

If you have big dreams for your teen, I hear you.  I have teens of my own, I completely feel your pain and understand your challenges.  I have overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve success, both personally and professionally.  I use all of the skills I have developed and insights I have gained to empower teens and their families to become amazing success stories.  I want you to realize college success in ways you never thought possible.

Let me tell you the story of my very first client.  Jessica was the oldest of three in a middle income homeschooling family.  Using the information and strategies I will teach you in this seminar, I guided her to a seat at USC’s film school, a degree in 4 years, and enough grant and scholarship money to make USC completely affordable for her family, without sacrificing one penny of their retirement or any of their ability to send their other two children to college.


KatherineRobtMalinchak“There are few times in life that one has the opportunity to study such a rich and credible [curriculum].  Katherine O’Brien has a unique ability to cut through the “fluff” and get to the immediate answers that parents, like myself, are looking for and will want to implement.  Her honest and straightforward approach is quite refreshing.  If you want to save time and money, there is no other.  Katherine is simply the best.

Robert Parkerson, “America’s #1 Authority on Relationship Selling”, President & CEO



Dear Katherine,

Thank you for speaking to [us]…re: preparation for college applications and seeking financial assistance…for our son’s entrance into college this fall.  Our discussions assisted us to… get the best package we could for our son….your initial advice and consultation…was most valuable to give us confidence to proceed.  My son received seven partial merit scholarship to universities in his field of interest due to his academic success.  I know part of the reason for those offers were due to a few [of the] tips we received that were helpful along the way in assisting him….”

-Monty & Pat Matlock, WI

“We are very grateful to Katherine O’Brien for the guidance she has provided in our son’s college applicaiton process… Her advice was invaluable as we sorted thru all the different applications and scholarships for each school.  Our son hopes to play baseball in college, and Katherine is very knowledgeable with the NCAA and NAIA processes.  We are especially thankful for the personal guidance she gave our son with the essays required for the different scholarships.  One of the best thing sis that she is readily available to answer questions and responds quickly to emails!  We highly recommend Celtic College Consultants.” – J and M Flores